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  Shipping Handling

Shipping and Handling

What about the custom charges in my country ?

Usually, these are no custom charges for clothes in many countries.
Incase, exceptioally if some country do charge PrincessHema will try
its best to help you minimizing that payment whenever possible.
However, PrincessHema will not bear any custom expense.

What about shipping restriction internationaly ?

PrincessHem s vision is to bring indian fashion to every nook n corner
of the world. In rare circumstances, if its extremely out of PrincessHema s
authority, our apologies is reserved for such situations.

What about if we need packed Gift ?
PrincessHema understands that special moments require special treat & we put
fourth our very best to deliever you the same, but somehow respect our
customer intelligence to understand that the same may be wear & tear due to
due to delievery process or any custom s indulgence.